Kristian J’s “Film Soup” Analogue Experiment!

Minolta Dynax 500si Super

(Shot on Fuji Velvia 100)

At first glance, these images may look like paintings or collages, or even an elaborate digital artwork…to me they look like alluring dreams, or garish nightmares, depending on what you prefer, or not ^_^  These are in fact photographs shot by Kristian J of analogueonly.comusing film that he agitated in his very own “film soup.” Kristian has been kind enough to share his recipe with all of us at CGSF to inspire film photographers out there to go crazy with your cameras and to transcend your creative limits.

Kristian says,

This is really simple. All you need to make is your “film soup”. 

1. Take 1/2 a cup of boiled water and add a small spoon of detergent and 1/2 a cup of silica gel. 

2. Mix everything. 

3. Put in a roll of film. (I recommend Xpro slide film, because you get more colours with them.) 

4. Leave it be for at least 3 hours to 3 days. (The results you see in my photos are from leaving the roll in for 2 days.) 

5. Take the roll out and rinse it with cold water and leave the canister to dry in the sun for at least day or pull out the film strip and dry in complete darkness with a hair dryer. 

6. Go out and shoot!

Kristian went on to explain that the images above were all double exposed. As he mentioned in his previous post on CGSF (Dishwasher Technique posted 15 June), don’t hold back and just go wild. He added that the beauty of these experiments is that no two images will be the same and it is a sure guarantee that everyone will have varying results that could only be produced by you in that particular time.

If you like these images, I know you do, and if you are dying to try dunking your film into your own homemade “film soup”, be sure to LIKE Kristian’s Facebook Page as a Thank You shout out to him for sharing his work with us. We would also like to see your results if you take up this daring endeavor so make sure to send us your pics! For more information and a background on Kristian check out this write-up on him at ArtyPeople where one of his prints are available for purchase too.

Now, what should I use for my film soup?? Hmmm……


WARNING!!! All experiments you attempt are at your own risk!!! CGSF or Kristian J cannot be held liable for any damage caused to your cameras or pretty hands when handling chemicals and agitated film. Please be careful with your experiments, but have fun ;)


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