Portra 400 Ultra Color is awesome!

Kodak Portra 400UC on Vredreborch Felica 

I wanted to test out 2 things today, my new old Diana 151 circa 1960 & a newly hoarded Kodak Portra 400UC Propack. I’ll talk about the Diana in my next post (and I must say that I’m loving it!) so this is all about how I profess my love for the Portra.

Kodak Portra 400UC (UC stands for Ultra Color) is a discontinued film from the Portra family. As all of you might know, currently Kodak only produces 2 types of Portras - 160 & 400. CGSF had already reviewed the 400 in both 120 & 35mm formats, with gushing love of course. Portra is truly the world’s best color negative film, IMHO. So back to the topic, Portra 400UC has long since been discontinued but I managed to grab this highly rare variant from a friend (who’s also a hoarder haha) and to my utmost delight, despite being expired since 2005, is still as brilliant as ever!

Mind you, the first 4 pics were taken at 12 noon, under the hot hot Malaysian sun and the last 3 were taken indoors under natural light (there was a sun roof).

All I can say is “WOW”.

Yes, I love the Portra!


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