Fat rolled, again!

Kodak Portra 400UC (expired) on Diana no. 151

We already know that the Portra is an excellent color negative film, even the expired ones! The 400UC stands for Ultra Color, which gives higher color saturation than the 400VC. It was discontinued however, leaving only the NC & VC variety before Kodak developed the enhanced present emulsion of the coveted Portra 400.

I shot the photos above during my backpacking trip to Penang, Malaysia where I spent the whole day going all shutter crazy. The first photo was the only salvagable shot of the beautiful Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion (or better known as the Blue Mansion), since my precious Portra ended up in a fat roll! I was really disappointed since the whole reason I went to Penang in the first place was to photograph the mansion! *sigh* Oh well, another reason to come back here again in the future. You can read more on Le Maison Blue at its official website here.

The last 3 photos are of the iconic Logan Memorial at the Penang High Court complex, a monument erected in memory of James Richardson Logan - who was the champion of rights of non-Europeans in Penang, where he valiantly fought for the rights of Indian plantation workers against the giant East India Company.

The other shots were taken along my jaunt throughout Georgetown to reach Armenian Street, where Dr. Sun Yat Sen, a Chinese Revolutionary who was also known as the father of Modern China made base, and was the headquarters of Dr. Sun’s political party Tongmenghui. You can read more about 120, Armenian Street here. 

As for photos of Dr. Sun’s HQ? That’s for another post on another day. :D

edit: What’s a FAT ROLL you say? Check out this link!


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