Next project: Holga & B+W Infrared Photography

So there I was, browsing through flickr searching for some inspiration and I stumbled upon this infrared photo taken in medium format. Then I checked out the tags, bloody hell, it was taken with a Holga 120N with an Efke IR820 120mm Infrared B+W film and a Hoya R72 infrared filter! 

So being the nosy me, I went to the photographer’s blog and read it all up like a giddy schoolgirl and found out that you just need a 46-52mm step up ring to get the R72 filter on a Holga. Then I rummaged my box(es) of camera accessories, and found the ring in my stash, what luck!! The rest came as a blur: got myself the Hoya IR filter, 10 rolls of Efke & Ilford SFX 200 IR films off eBay and I’m ready to take on this project, I’m super excited, aren’t you???

Here’s a sample from flickr and a link to the website that spurred my infrared photo frenzy!

Tree IR by Mohain  via Flickr (Holga 120N, Efke IR820, Hoya R72 filter)

Here’s a very helpful link on how to get started on shooting infrared on your Holga:

Foto Go-Go by Steven W.

Just for kicks, here’s a photo of my 120GCFN with it’s 46-52mm step up ring and a Hoya 52mm circular polarizer (my R72 have yet to arrive, heheh) —-sorry for the fuzziness, it’s just a lousy 0.9 megapx iPod cam. :/



  1. fotos236 said: I can’t wait to see your results, because you know I’ll only get pulled into the vortex!!
  2. digitaltoanalogue said: great films to use - just make sure it’s a really bright day and you rate nearer to +7 than +4 that some people say they use and also make sure the item of interest is in the middle distance of the photo for best IR effect ;)
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