An Evening in Geylang

Fuji Neopan Acros 100 on Lomo LC-Wide


(self developed: Ilfotec HC (1+31), 5:00mins, Epson V700)

You gotta love the LC-Wide, it makes the most mundane photos appear all vintage with its signature vignetting and peripheral blurring. Sure it’s pretty expensive but if you must splurge on a single toy camera, this is the camera to choose. Alternatively if you don’t feel like emptying your pockets, the Vivitar/Superheadz Ultra Wide Slim is definitely your best bet.

These were taken just before I left SIngapore 2 months ago when I managed to witness my long-time idol; Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s live on stage. I never miss the chance to photograph whatever I can when I’m on a trip so naturally my companions Muni & Nadia were victims of my ruthless shooting! 

As usual I develop my photos in a dusty environment so please excuse my less than stellar scanning techniques but I guess the dust & dander gave some character to them? Hahaha.

Anyway in case you’re wondering why the last 2 photos looked a tad different well the answer is that yours truly had accidentally opened the film back and exposed the rest of the roll T_T

So, moral of the story is: I don’t know, be more careful? Heh.



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