A Forgotten Roll

Fuji Velvia 100F w/ Holga 120N


This roll must have been sitting in my film bag for a while now, it was kept in a 120mm film canister marked in big bold letters with the words “FAT ROLL”. (Wait a minute…what the hell is a fat roll?? Click here and find out.) Looking at the light leaks I must have hurriedly removed the roll from my Holga and stuck it inside a light-tight canister out in broad daylight overexposing a good amount of film from my roll in the process.

Nevertheless, mistakes and blunders in film can turn out pleasing to the eye in the end, if you like to see the backing paper super imposed on your images and random light streaks bleeding onto your pictures. As I knew this roll was more likely to be “damaged” I decided to opt for the classic cross-processed look to bring out the color and saturation on this Velvia film in an attempt to save my captures.



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