The colors of Istanbul

Hasselblad 500C, Leica M6 & Mamiya Universal


My name is Daniel.
I like taking pictures, recently more and more with film. In october 2012 I was in Istanbul for a week. I took three cameras with me, which do have different film formats. I adore the squarish medium format (Hasselblad 500c and Planar 80mm) and chose to shoot with the Fuji Velvia 50 , because of it’s brilliance and saturated colours. I normally shoot with the Leica (M6 with 35mm Summicron lens) paired with black-white film due to the contrasty images the camera produces. This time I had an Ektachrome 320T (very rare) in the camera, to test if I can make some vintage looking pictures with bleached colours. With the Leica I have the unbeatable skill to operate from the shadows, very useful for street photography. I took also the Mamiya Universal Polaroid with me, because Polaroids do always tell a special story. In the camera was an expired 690 and a sepia edition1500 film. There are already many photos on Istanbul and I intended to show the well-known “scenes” from a diffrent perspective with my approach. Digital photos are great, but I would shoot too many pictures with a digital camera, so that I would be spoilt for choice in the post processing. When taking pictures, reduction is wise… Taking pictures with film slows you down and gives you a chance to think about what the picture should be like, because I am limited in the possibilities of 36 (or 12 or 10 pictures). This is also important in an antsy big city. The best places for me, to enjoy the view of the city to the fullest are the ferries from Asia to Europe.


Daniel has been kind enough to share his top picks from his collection of photos shot in Istanbul. For more of his picture be sure to check out his Flickr stream! Do you have some film shots and a story to share, write to us!!


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