Happy 2014! 

Ensign Ful-Vue Box Camera, Lomochrome Purple 100-400 XR


Wow, so it’s been a month since our last update and yes, I chose the Lomochrome Purple film again as I wasn’t very pleased with my first experience with it. I guess I should have tested this film in a proper medium format camera but I’ve delegated that task to eleanorrigby236 who will shoot it in her Hassy so stay tuned for that. 

So these were one of my last shots for 2013 and may I say I’m quite happy with how they turned out…although my framing could have been better. I blame that on failing to check the exact focusing distance of my Ensign Ful-Vue. 

So far I’ve learned 2 things with this film:

  1. It works best in bright sunlight and colorful subjects
  2. Doesn’t work really well with human subjects as the skin tone becomes reddish
  3. Easily underexposed so you gotta be careful when shooting in shadowy or shady areas

How did you start off your 2014? We hope it was a blast. Of course our resolution is to shoot and update this blog more regularly (haha) but for now, you can be sure to have more new materials and posts coming up so keep those submissions coming. To our precious contributors and readers, thank you for supporting us.



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