City Analogy

Pentax K1000 w/ Kodak BW400CN (film soup)


My name is Virgínia Pohl, I’m from Brazil and I’m a veterinary doctor. My hobby is analogic photography. This set is called City Analogy. I shot it with my Pentax K1000 and a kodak BW400CN film. I souped the film with boiled water and laundry soap. I liked the results of this experiment. What do you think?

—Virginia Pohl

Not too long ago we answered a question on our Facebook page  regarding the effects of souping B&W film —in which you’ll get a subtle washed out look. In this case we get a nice sepia tinge to the BW400CN instead of its usual greenish hue. For those not in the know Kodak BW400CN is not an actual B&W film but rather a chromogenic film designed to be developed in C-41 (color negative) chemistry. As all of you may have heard, Kodak has decided to discontinue this film but fret not chromogenic lovers as Ilford is still producing its counterpart —the XP2. 

For more sample photos on these films simply browse through our archive or click here for BW400CN & Ilford XP2.

If you’d like to see more samples of the subtle aging of B&W films from souping click here.  

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From digital to film

Pentax K1000 & Alpa 9D on Various Film

I am a french self taught amateur photographer, I learn on digital camera, but one day someone lent me an Analogue SLR camera (Minolta), since I bought some camera and try to made something I like, I like the fact I took a photograph and I can’t see immediately the result, I took just one, and sometimes it is bad, sometimes really good. I took principally landscape photographs but I like street photography and portrait too. 

The First one “Avril 2014 (Fin) IV 1” was shoot on Kodak gold 200 iso with a pentax K1000 and 28 mm f3,5 pentax lens

The second “Chasse neige [..] ” was shoot with on kodak Portra 160 iso with a pentax K1000 and 24-35mm f3,5 pentax lens

The third “Forest […] ” was shoot on fuji superia 200 iso with a Pentax K1000 and the 28 mm pentax lens f2,8

The Fourth “Mai 14 ” was shot on a portra 160 with an Alpa 9D and a Carl zeiss jena 35mm f3,5

The fifth “Tri X […] ” was shot with a pentax K1000 and a 28 mm f3,5 pentax lens, on a Tri X at 200 iso (self develop)

—Luc Stz

One shot on a film camera and Luc was hooked! My hands are itching to grab on my film cameras again and all the pictures we are receiving from you are definitely elevating that need for film!! Keep your submissions coming everyone. Send them to us here.

Pictures from the Underground

Various film cameras using Ilford B&W film

My name’s Darryl Reid and I just discovered your site and love it.

I’m a photographer from Ottawa, Canada and I mostly shoot the underground-punk-music scene in these parts. Although out of economic necessity I shoot digital I have always had a love for Film. I explore all types of varieties of film and cameras but mostly I stick to three Cameras: a Pentax K1000, Mamiya 645 and a Holga 120. You can catch my work here and on MaximumRocknRoll. 


Thanks Darryl for sharing with us. Need I remind you how we love receiving your photos in our mailbox??! Well, we love it so click here to find out how you too can share your photos and story with CGSF!!

Double Exposures

Pentax K1000 and Pentax ME Super w/ 50mm lens

My mother gave me her Pentax K1000 in 2007. She had used it extensively in the 80s and decided that since she rarely used it anymore, I could have it. I had been taking digital pictures for a few years but the pictures didn’t come out looking anything like I wanted them too, the colors were too dark or too bright, the flash was all wrong, I just didn’t like the look of digital. The first roll I got developed from the Pentax was exactly what I wanted! It looked and felt right. I loved looking at the prints! The Pentax K1000 I used was old and worked well but not perfectly, so I think the first double exposure I did was a complete accident. Probably the mechanisms within the camera didn’t catch and a negative or two were double exposed. After I saw that double exposed print I thought it was so cool I decided to take more. I’ve been double exposing purposefully ever since, trying different techniques to see what comes out. I definitely enjoy taking regular pictures too, but double (and multiple) exposure pictures give the photos an otherworldly character. It’s hard to describe, but when I look at my double exposures I remember so much more of the feeling of being there in that moment than I do with some of my ordinary pictures.

—Alexandra Dibrell

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Getting back into film

Adox B&W Film





Photography’s been a hobby of mine since 2005, and I started out shooting film. Eventually I took the plunge into digital and enjoyed it. However, in the last several months I’ve gotten back into film and have been taking a darkroom class as well. My primary influence and interest in photography is fashion, more along the lines of casual, classy, even a little nostalgic sometimes. At the moment I’m using older Pentax Super Takumar and Carl Zeiss Jena lenses, and prefer the black and white films from Adox and Efke (RIP).

[image info: black jacket images were shot on Adox Silvermax 100 using an early 1960s Carl Zeiss Sonnar 135mm lens, and white jacket image was shot with Adox CHS 100 using a Pentax Super Takumar 2.8/105mm lens. Lenses (probably set to an aperture of 5.6) were mounted on Canon SLRs via adapters - M42-EOS for the Pentax and Exakta-EOS for the Zeiss]

In the end I believe memorable photographs are those that provoke an emotional response, and that’s why we can be so fascinated by them.

Keep shooting film,
Alan Brzozowski

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Monotone does not equate Dull

Kodak BW400CN w/ Asahi-Pentax K1000-50mm







Hi there! My name is Nicole Gelinas and I have some photos to share.  I took my Asahi Pentax K1000 film camera on a photo shoot along with my 50mm lens.

I wanted to experiment with my film by taking Kodak BW400CN and making it redscale. To do this I went into a completely dark room, pulled all of the film from the roll, snipped it close to the film canister, flipped the film to the other side, and taped the cut ends back together. Once that was done I wound the film back up into the canister and loaded it into my camera to shoot with.

Making BW400CN into redscale film created the purplish tint in the photos above. If I would have just shot the roll as I bought it, it would have been just black and white. The reason you can do this with Kodak BW400CN film is because it is black and white film (chromogenic film) that is developed in color chemicals (C-41) instead of black and white chemicals. Pretty neat huh?

If you want to try this technique just know that you will need more light coming through the camera. I shot these photos at ISO 100-200 to compensate, but I think some of them are still underexposed a bit.

With this roll of film I also attempted to do some double exposures with my Pentax K1000. I have owned this camera since high school and I have never once tried to take two pictures on one frame. This camera is not made to function in this way so I had to fuss with it to get it to work.

What I did was take the first exposure, then instead of advancing the film I held the rewind button on the bottom of the camera and at the same time advance the film lever completely. Then I was able to take a second exposure. It did work, but with only two hands it was hard to hold in the rewind button and advance the film totally, so sometimes the film only made it halfway around, which is why there are a few frames that overlap!

—Nicole Gelinas

Cool Girls Love Baby Too!!

Fomapan Action 400 on Pentax P30 w/ SMC Pentax A 50mm f/1.7






(developed in D76 Stock 9 minutes.)

Our pal Christian is a proud Daddy and he chose his son Patrick as his subject for his project. He wanted to shoot some film, develop them and one day print them in the darkroom to experience the full analog experience from start to finish. He still needs to get the prints done, but for now we are happy to share some of his wonderful captures of little Patrick’s first happy moments on Earth!! Make sure to visit Christian’s website for more of his work.

The kaleidoscope of “Kolors” that is Revolog

Revolog Kolor on Pentax ME, Zenitar 16mm f2.8 Ultra Wide Fisheye



I took my time to finish all 36 exposures of this roll, and I must say that the results are unpredictable. You’ll never know what rainbow hues you might get on your shots, each frame differ with various light intensity. 

The first set was taken at noon during an overcast afternoon, with the unpredictable Malaysian downpour. I find that you tend to get all 7 color spectrum in slightly shaded areas and especially when shooting directly with the sun in front of you. We revisited an old haunt, the abandoned house just a few turns past the Malaysian National Monument.

This second set was taken somewhere along Jalan Tangsi in Kuala Lumpur, where you can find several heritage buildings, mostly in bad shape and with little or no conservation efforts to secure these crumbling relics of the past.

A shame, really.


The film soup returns!

Agfa CT Precisa (expired 2002) on Pentax ME, Zenitar 16mm f2.8 Ultra Wide Angle Fisheye

Can I be lazy tonight and just post the pictures without any blurbs? Heheh. You can click here for more info on how to make your own film soup roll. 

OK, I’m gonna make things simple for those who are as lazy as me and couldn’t be bothered to read the long long write-ups so this will be in point form and succinct.

  • Film soup recipe: 1 cup detergent + boiling water + 1 tsp silica gel + 1 expired roll of Agfa CT Precisa
  • Location: An abandoned house in Bangsar
  • Film accidentally exposed whilst drying with a hairdryer in the darkroom bag
  • There were tons of mosquitos

A few shots came out totally incomprehensible with blobs of colors like this:


Kodak Gold 200

Pentax K1000, SMC Pentax 1:2 55mm lens

Here are some fun and cute photos by Charlene. Kodak Gold is just one of those film that will never fail. Just like its namesake, the yellow-brown or golden hue, gives your photos a nice soothing warm feel. Still one of my favorite color neg film!


Charlene says,

My friends and I decided to do another photoshoot before the weather became to cold to wear anything that doesn’t require pilling on 3 layers of clothing. Regarding the concept there isn’t too much to talk about as we selected the props from the pile of things lying around at home and came out with ideas on location. But overall I like the resulting hues in the photos (my first time using this film so I didn’t know what to expect) and think it has a lot of potential for concept shoots. So here they are, hope you like too :)

Fujichrome Velvia 50 (E6)

Pentax ME, Zenitar 16mm f2.8 Fisheye

So there I was, all giddy and happy since I’ve finally gotten my fresh Velvia 50 processed E6 when my bubble burst horribly…almost all my shots turned out underexposed!! To make matters worse, the professional E6 lab I sent my roll to criticized me horribly, saying that I don’t know how to properly expose my shots..heh. But it’s true, apparently a lot of photographers have experienced the same problem so it was recommended that the Velvia 50 to be shot at ISO40 and processed normally. Using a polarizing/ND filter will also help.

On exposure times, sticking with the Sunny 16 rule is paramount since apparently you really can’t depend on your built-in light meter (my Pentax has never been serviced before and this was the first roll on my Pentax when I got it from Japan early this year.)

FYI, only pictures 1 & 4 were pure scans, I had corrected the exposures with Lightroom 3 for the other shots to compensate the underexposure. This is my first time shooting Velvia 50 and it’s way more difficult compared to the Velvia 100F which I shot here and here (and cross processed btw). I had better results when I attempted long exposures at night time with this roll, which I will upload later.



Fujicolor Superia 200

It was by pure luck and chance that Ana Jonessy came into possession of this camera and she decided to attempt some double exposures. She did an amazing job on her first roll! Check out her submission below and be sure to visit her blog for more of her photos. 

Pentax Zoom 90-WR 

Ana says,

I hope you love ‘em as much as I enjoyed ‘em. I fell in love with the first roll and I’ll be taking more photographs with this camera soon. None of the photos were planned and I think they reflect our free spirited personality.

Kodak Ektar 100

First of all, whether you like it or not HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, just because it is, enjoy it!! Now, check out these amazing photos we received from Charlene C!! They are brilliant and I love them to bits.

According to her, a friend and her did a little “for fun” photoshoot at her old apartment and blew up a bag worth of balloons!!! Watch the fun enfold below :)


Pentax K1000, SMC Pentax 1:2 55mm

Charlene C said,

Hi pretty people!!
I just wanted to share a few photos from my Pentax K1000 camera, loaded with the Kodak Ektar 100 film, I’m in love with the fine grain and dreamy colours that came out from it! Not the cheapest film, yes, but the results are something which I find other film doesn’t produce. Hope you liked them!