The Impossible Project’s PX 70 Color Shade

The Impossible Project PX-70 Color Shade NIGO
(Exposure wheel at darkest setting shot under bright sunlight)

The Impossible Project PX-70 Color Shade 12/11
(Exposure wheel at lightest setting, shot under tungsten light)

So you can definitely tell that this new PX 70 color shade favors blue compared to their previous incarnations. Even the now sold out NIGO edition boasts their new improved “lucky” emulsion, similar to the 12/11 PX 70s and I’d say that their formula is much much more stable than what I’ve shot before. 

FYI, all NIGO shots were taken under bright bright sunlight, which might explain the slightly washed out look owing to some slight overexposure on my part. I did wind the exposure all the way to the darkest setting + appropriate shading with TIP’s SX-70 shade but as usual Malaysia is extremely hot etc etc…you get my point. 

The Impossible Project had also mentioned that the new Color Shade formula was a fast film, so instead of having a 125ISO, the correct ISO should be around 600 -allowing the film to be used in Polaroid 600 cameras with adjustments to the exposure wheel.

HOWEVER, I’d like to point out here that if you own the new TIP Flash Bar by Mint, designed to be used with both folding & box type SX-70s, shooting the NIGO & 12/11 PX 70 Color Shade films should be done with the ND Compensation mode (middle switch), instead of the normal mode (right sided switch), with the exposure turned to the lightest setting or 2/3 to light. 

Yes, I know that it’s recommended that if you use PX 70 films with production dates later than 12/11 you’re supposed to keep the exposure wheel at neutral and the flash bar switch pushed all the way to the right but that simply does not work! Your photos will just turn black! I’ve wasted two NIGO shots (green & white frame) & two 12/11 shots due to this hindsight.  That’s four frames worth MYR40! (USD13)

On a happier note, I’ve seen some wonderful shots taken by eleanorrigby236 using the 12/11 PX 70 film so stick around for that!

My latest baby, Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Model 2, completely refurbished in handsome pebble grained brown leather!