Georgetown Heritage Walk - A Report.

Fujichrome Velvia 50 (shot at 40ISO) on Canon A-1



Y’know, I’ve always wanted to re-live certain wild hobo moments in life that I can cherish its very novelty over and over again. Too bad, the incumbent reality of life won’t accommodate one’s every desire -you can’t always get what you want! Nevermind, I’ll settle for something lesser yet still adventurous: travel by train to Penang.

It was a Friday, the holy day for Moslems. Most Penangites are Moslems, regardless of race. But when I walked passed the Kapitan Kling Mosque, it was tight closed and the sign informed this time around Friday prayer was to be held at Leboh Acheh Malay Mosque. Either there are not so many professed Moslems anymore in Penang or it’s the strategy for national unity in religion (Kling is associated with Indians), I guess. I don’t know. Perhaps, the nasi kandar joint next door has the answer. But I’d prefer the dirtier and Dickensian Nasi Kandar Line Clear.




One of the famous attractions in Penang is Sun Yat Sen’s house in Armenian St. I could not really tell which one was the house as all the houses in that row along the street looked the same. Inside the house, or rather Dr. Sun’s HQ in Malaya back then to raise fundraising to lend support for the revolution in China, I felt the ghost of history. 

If I were to build my own mansion, I would build one like the Cheong Fatt Sze Mansion, famously called the Blue Mansion. I was so amazed by its architecture and underlying eastern zen philosophy of the house, which at the same time wears a facade to permit me to click my shutter secretly and shoot a picture of its interior.  


Its true, Penang is very metropolitan. It’s where differences of cultures reside. The island where a statue called Logan’s Monument was built in memory of a lawyer who fought against the East India Company. Oh, that rings a bell! I say, Nemo iudex in causa sua!


Fat rolled, again!

Kodak Portra 400UC (expired) on Diana no. 151

We already know that the Portra is an excellent color negative film, even the expired ones! The 400UC stands for Ultra Color, which gives higher color saturation than the 400VC. It was discontinued however, leaving only the NC & VC variety before Kodak developed the enhanced present emulsion of the coveted Portra 400.

I shot the photos above during my backpacking trip to Penang, Malaysia where I spent the whole day going all shutter crazy. The first photo was the only salvagable shot of the beautiful Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion (or better known as the Blue Mansion), since my precious Portra ended up in a fat roll! I was really disappointed since the whole reason I went to Penang in the first place was to photograph the mansion! *sigh* Oh well, another reason to come back here again in the future. You can read more on Le Maison Blue at its official website here.

The last 3 photos are of the iconic Logan Memorial at the Penang High Court complex, a monument erected in memory of James Richardson Logan - who was the champion of rights of non-Europeans in Penang, where he valiantly fought for the rights of Indian plantation workers against the giant East India Company.

The other shots were taken along my jaunt throughout Georgetown to reach Armenian Street, where Dr. Sun Yat Sen, a Chinese Revolutionary who was also known as the father of Modern China made base, and was the headquarters of Dr. Sun’s political party Tongmenghui. You can read more about 120, Armenian Street here. 

As for photos of Dr. Sun’s HQ? That’s for another post on another day. :D

edit: What’s a FAT ROLL you say? Check out this link!


Fake pano shots: The Ansco Pix Panorama

Fujichrome Provia 100F on Ansco Pix Panorama


The Ansco Pix Panorama is really a small plastic 35mm camera that much resembles the unassuming Vivitar UWS. It isn’t really a true panoramic camera, but instead falls into the category of “pseudo panoramic” cams. It’s essentially a normal 35mm camera that has a mask obscuring the top and bottom frames, thus producing instant “panoramic” images.

I’ve actually cropped out half of both the upper and lower black frames, instead of eliminating them completely cos I thought that the photos contrasted better against the black.

It’s really a cheapo plastic camera, but I find that it works really well under bright bright sunlight. But honestly I’ve no idea how the really strong vignetting appeared in the last 2 shots as compared to the others. Hmm…


You know sometimes I can be really lazy in blogging and I thought sharing the photos would be fine but I guess people are interested in the details of the places I went to, lol. 

Alright, the first 4 photos were taken in Penang where I was backpacking cum photo-walking with J.K. It was somewhere near Nagore Street in Georgetown, a real eyecandy with colorful heritage buildings that would make any photographer/photography hobbyist go ga-ga.

The Sungai Siput photo was taken in-yup, you’ve guessed it: Sungai Siput, Perak. Taken from the train we were on, during one of the many stops to Penang.

The stone bench photo was from a jaunt I had with eleanorrigby236 at the Putrajaya Botanical Park and the last 2 photos were of the historical KTM Building in Kuala Lumpur.


My Pre-2012 Backpacking Trip

Kodak Ektachrome 160T on Vivitar UWS


On the 29th of December I went on a short backpacking trip with J.K to Penang, an island along the north-western coast of Peninsula Malaysia and the country’s only “island state”. We took a train from Kuala Lumpur to reach Penang (it took us almost 8 hours to reach there, almost double the driving time!) just for the fun of it. 

Georgetown, the capital of Penang was recently awarded as one of UNESCO World Heritage Site; and since Penang is also regarded as a destination of Malaysian gastronomic delights we decided to head there for a short getaway. Food & photo walk- a lethal combination!

The shots above were all taken during our train ride, except photo no. 4, which was a photo of the KTM Headquarters Building in Kuala Lumpur (KTM being the sole operator of railways & trains in Malaysia so I thought the picture was relevant, heheh).

I’ll be posting more photos from our photo op in Georgetown as soon as I get them organized, a lot of architectural shots which I think you guys would enjoy.

p/s: It’s true, Vivitar UWS captures sun flares beautifully!